Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fisher-Diver. It's Not Just About Diving and Fishing After All.

Hello again my friends. This week I will be talking about the game, "Fisher-Diver", made by one of my most favorite game developers of all time, Eli Piilonen/2DArray. You should really check out her games, they're pretty good. At first I found this game to be very boring and uninteresting. It didn't hold my attention until I took another look at it last weekend. Since it was a 2DArray game, I convinced myself to push on with the game until the end, and the end... Well, it wasn't "rewarding" per se, but it did push a personally gratifying message across.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Obtain Hats For Glory! The Hats Themselves Are Worthless.

This week I shall be looking at a little game called "Obtain Hats for Glory!" It is essentially your average platformer with some collecting sprinkled on top. It is rather short, with only around 10 small levels and 10 hats to collect in all, although the payoff is suggested to be worth the, admittedly, mediocre gameplay.

You play as a guy named Rob. Well, he looks more like a robot to me, but the other character in the game treats him as a human, or whatever species they may be. The plot is rather meek: Rob is told by some rich-looking guy named Chapsworth that he must collect some top hats for him so that Rob can earn Riches and Glory. Well, mostly Glory, whatever "Glory" in the context of the game might be. In the end, after collecting all 10 hats, Chapsworth takes the hats Rob collects and flies away on a hot air balloon, leaving Rob cold and confused.

Hello, How Are You?

Hello there. You may call me Gram. Gram isn't my name, but it sounds cool. Anyways, I'll get you some insight. I shall be starting a blog which I will be updating weekly. Every post I will be discussing a new piece of information on the Internet, usually in the form of a game, that I might find interesting and share with you.

Now, It might sound boring, but I hope I can spread some wisdom around this unfamiliar territory we call the "Internet". It really is an interesting subject when you think about it, and that's just looking past those "funny cat videos" and "epic online games". No, I will instead be talking about the true meaning behind these little pieces and taking a psychological approach to the wide open plane of existence that is the Internet. It's a jungle out there, people. It truly is, and I hope I can examine the specimens I find out there and share my research with you.

And like that, I am off.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tyranny, a Post Completely Unrelated to Its Title

Today I have played a flash game named "Tyranny". It is a simple shooter game, short, sweet, yet to the point with it's message.

It is one of those "meta-games" that seem to be popping up all over the Internet these days. They really make you stop and think about life. I have no idea why the game is called Tyranny, but I think I "get" what this game is about. At first I thought that your own most hated enemy in the game was yourself, but that didn't quite seem to match the "theme" of the game, which was being Alone. So I looked at the comments and noticed other people who "got" the game but didn't really "get" it. So I will tell you what the game is about.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Shall Be The First

You know, no one apologizes on the Internet anymore, and if they do apologize, usually the other person in the argument doesn't accept the apology. You know, no one is ever really nice on the Internet, and I'm talking about the Internet populace in general. Instead of apologizing to others, people just whine and curse about it rather than solving the problem maturely. But that's just the thing, no one, if anyone, is mature on the Internet. I mean, I really appreciate how the Internet allows you to express yourself with sites like Facebook and others, but cursing at each other and being... mean, is just not right. If people started apologizing and realizing their mistakes rather than whine and complain like an annoying 4-Year-Old, then MAYBE the Internet would be a better place. MAYBE people's feelings wouldn't be hurt. But then again, the thought of people being mature here is just silly. People won't stop. There will always be those guys that want to pick a fight. But if you readers could do me a favor, could you apologize to anyone that you might have hurt emotionally on the Internet? It would be a great help to spread some love around where there is none.

And like that, I am off.